Air Law & Meteorology Air Pilot’s Manual 2

Air Law & Meteorology
Air Pilot’s Manual 2

This book is updated every year to take account of changes in the law. It contains a comprehensive explanation of the sources of aviation law and where the UK system fits within the overarching European and World systems of Aviation law. There is a detailed explanation of licensing to include UK and EASA licences for fixed wing, microlights, sail planes, helicopters and balloons.

One of the unique features of this book is the comprehensive cross-referencing to source materials and work is underway to make these links available through the website, to enable fast update or cross referencing of material.

In the meteorology section, the background to weather and weather forecasting is covered with clear diagrams. The author of this section is a current meteorologist, so all of the latest information and sources of weather forecasting are covered.

A section at the back contains practice questions for the student to test his knowledge and the answers also contain links to the text where necessary.

Recommended by Pooleys Flying Instructor School