Aerobatics Principles & Practice Master Pilot’s Manual

Principles & Practice
Master Pilot’s Manual

The book is designed to tempt you to explore the wonderful world of aerobatic flight. The basic manoeuvres are clearly illustrated and the techniques are explained in simple terms. It also provides an introduction to the effects of the forces of manoeuvring flight on the aircraft structure and on the pilot’s body.

Aerobatics represent the most satisfying form of visual flight and can be both challenging and rewarding. The scope is unlimited.

The important proviso is that you learn the basics thoroughly and from someone who enjoys and knows aerobatics. Choose the training aircraft and school carefully and try to fly regularly.

Even if you never intend to develop your aerobatic repertoire, the basic aerobatic training will serve you well in all other aspects of your flying – whether for private pleasure or professional career. Someday your basic aerobatic training will come in handy.

Recommended by Pooleys Flying Instructor School