Flight Unlimited Master Pilot’s Manual

Flight Unlimited
Master Pilot’s Manual

The original edition of Flight Unlimited was published in 1983, as a collaborative between Eric Müller and Annette Carson. In 15 years of aerobatic flying, Swiss pilot Eric Müller had won numerous National and European Championship titles and regularly appeared in the top World Championship rankings. He was probably the foremost practising – and medal winning – theorist in his field; an authority on flying and judging techniques, and a father figure of modern sport aerobatics.

Annette Carson, author of Flight Fantastic, the history of aerobatics, has been involved in international aerobatics for 20 years during which she has been a Contest Director, Team Manager, International Delegate and Secretary to the FAI’s International Aerobatics Commission (CIVA), and a member of the International Jury at World Championships.

Until Eric Müller’s death in 1990 they formed a regular writing team, contributing to aviation publications and to the rules and guidelines by which International aerobatics are conducted. The new version of Flight Unlimited, revised by Annette Carson, has been expanded and brought into line with present-day competition organisation and judging.

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